Today I Read… Doctor Who

So things got busy. I have a backlog of reviews, which will go up…eventually.

Today I read Doctor Who: Series 2, Volume 2: When Worlds Collide, written by Tony Lee and art by Mark Buckingham and Matthew Dow Smith.

This graphic novel trade paperback features the story When Worlds Collide, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy and Rory. While en route to the football game, the TARDIS gets there a little early–by about a thousand years. After Rory has a football shoot-out against a Viking for Amy’s hand, they end up in the Old West, with dinosaurs and Nazis. Then things get crazy.

This story contains a lot of elements that were later used on the show, with Nazis from Series Six’s “Let’s Kill Hitler” and dinosaurs and the Old West featuring in the current Series Seven. No Vikings yet, though. This is a highly entertaining story, and one well-suited to the comic medium, since it would be insanely expensive to pull off the special effects on the show. It’s always nice to see new adventures of the Doctor and his Companions, especially with the strange schedule the show seems to be on now.

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