Today I Read…An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

Today I read An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil by Jim Munroe.

Kate’s friend Lilith is the roommate from hell. No, really, she worships demons in her bedroom, with candles and incense and everything. But she’s nice enough, and she pays her half of the rent, and the ritual is actually pretty cool to watch. Lilith inspires Kate to start a blog,, and to convince Lilith to perform her demon-worshipping ritual at the opening of their new micro-gallery. People are into it, so Kate organizes a tour with Lilith and their friends Michael and Bruce. But suddenly strange people from Lilith’s past start showing up at their gigs. Lilith decides that if she is a demon, then Michael must be an angel. And Kate the raven is trying to find her dancing mummy. Toto, they’re not in Toronto anymore…

The pacing on this book feels a bit slow. It’s told in first person though Kate’s journal entries, and she spends a lot of time speculating about Lilith and thinking about their friends and her life. The book tries to overlay Kate’s ordinary life with the mystery of Lilith’s supernatural abilities, but the big reveal at the end is fairly anticlimactic. While the events of the book may be momentous to Kate and her life, to the reader they are fairly boring, and the tour feels first like it will never start and then like it will never end. The book isn’t bad, just a bit banal. It might appeal more to someone who likes to read about people’s daily lives–I just prefer an adventure.


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