The 50 Book Pledge

50bookpledgeThe 50 Book Pledge

This is something I found out about recently. HarperCollins has a website where you can pledge to read 50 (or 12, 25, 75, 100, 150, or 200) books in 2013. You can keep track of both your ‘read’ and ‘to be read’ books on a visual bookshelf, and you can give them starred ratings and short reviews. You can also share your bookshelf via Facebook or Twitter. The site gives you badges to display with your bookshelf when you reach specific goals (first book read, 10th, 25th, etc.). You can also add a ribbon (the Twibbon) to the corner of your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

It’s a cute idea to encourage reading and to tie it into social media. I read so much that I tend to lose track of what I’ve read recently unless I specifically keep track, such as for my Today I Read project. So far I seem to be reading a lot of steampunk this year.

The website is a little basic, especially since they seem to have done this project before. There isn’t a FAQ or About page that I can find, and you can’t really search for other people’s bookshelves from the main website. You can click on people’s shelves from the Twitter feed on the main page, but not people who have signed up through Facebook, and you can’t sign up on your own without Facebook or Twitter. This seems odd if the point is to share what you’re reading, since not everyone is on Twitter quite yet (waves hand). Still, it’s a nice way to share what you’re reading. Speaking of, here’s my bookshelf. And I’d love to hear in the comments if anyone else is participating and what you think of the pledge.


3 thoughts on “The 50 Book Pledge

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