Today I Read…Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad WolfToday I read Big Bad Wolf, written by Claire Masurel and illustrated by Melissa Iwai.

Everyone in the village knows how scary the Big Bad Wolf is–he has sharp teeth, and shiny eyes, and pointy ears, and a bushy tail, and a piercing howl! If you ever see the Big Bad Wolf, you should run away! But to his little wolf cubs, the Big Bad Wolf is Papa Wolf, who tells them silly stories and kisses them goodnight. The little wolves love their Papa Wolf!


This is a nice story about perspective. The illustrations alternate between the villagers’ perspective, and how scared they are of the Big Bad Wolf, and the wolf’s perspective, showing him doing completely innocent activities. For example, when the villagers are afraid of his long snout and sharp teeth, there is a cut-out showing those parts of the wolf. When you turn the page, you see that he is not snarling, he is smiling as her picks flowers and puts them in a basket. When the villagers are afraid of his bushy tail and piercing howl, on the next page the wolf is singing with his guitar to some deer and bunny rabbits.

This is a good story for showing children that sometimes things and people are only scary until you get to know them. The scary Big Bad Wolf likes picnics and flowers and singing, and he loves his little wolves. Kids will also like the cut-outs between the pages.


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