Today I Read…Kevin Keller

Kevin KellerToday I read Archie’s Pal Kevin Keller, with story and pencils by Dan Parent, which contains the first 6 issues of the Kevin Keller series.

Riverdale has a new resident, and he’s quick to fit in with Archie and the gang. Kevin Keller has eating contests with Jughead, talks journalism with Betty, pals around with Archie, and has Veronica panting after him. Too bad she doesn’t have a chance with him, but they all make great friends! Will Kevin become a journalist after high school, or join the military like his father, or become the president? Who knows? Right now, he’s having a great time with his new friends in good old Riverdale!


Kevin Keller is, of course, the well-publicized new gay character in the world of Archie. He was introduced in February 2012, and won the 2013 GLAAD Media Award, which celebrates outstanding images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the media. He’s a little bit of a Marty Sue character, since he’s perfect in just about every way, but that actually makes him fit in with the rest of the Archie cast quite nicely, so I’ll forgive him for that. On one hand, the worst thing that ever happens to him is that the odd bigot tells him to try out for the girls’ track team and he throws up when he has to speak in public–not exactly realistic. On the other hand, it shows a strong, positive role model–Kevin is kind to others, smart, athletic, ambitious, and has a loving, supportive family and friends who accept him for who he is. Kevin Keller is what happens after “It Gets Better”. While it is clear that Kevin is a gay character, it is also clear that he is not only ‘the gay character’–that he has more sides to his identity that just his sexual orientation. All in all, he’s a welcome addition to Archie’s gang in the 21st century.

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