Today I read…Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don’t)

Miss Brooks Loves BooksToday I read Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don’t) written by Barbara Bottner and illustrated by Michael Emberley.

Miss Brooks the librarian likes books. I don’t. I don’t like books about Hallowe’en, or dragons, or Pilgrims, or presidents, or love, or leprechauns, or groundhogs, or fairies, or cowboys, or dogs, or trains, or…But I do like warts. Is there a book about warts?


Sometimes it’s hard for book lovers to remember that not everyone shares their passion. I’ve loved to read ever since I learned how, and I was reading adult novels by grade 3 at the latest–I think I skipped fairly quickly from easy reader books to novels. The reason was pretty simple–grade 3 I got into Star Trek, thanks to my teacher Mr. Coverdale, and back then there were no kids or YA Star Trek books, but there were a lot of adult Star Trek books. If I wanted to know the stories, I had to be able to read the books. That my Star Trek books were more interesting than my math textbook is another story…

This book promotes a story that librarians like to tell, that there is a book for everyone out there and our job is to match the right book to the right person. In this case, the little girl loves warts and snorting, so she loves Shrek by William Steig. I have to agree, Shrek is great, both the book and the movies. All of the kids like different books, and it’s okay not to like all of them, or to like the books that your friends like–it’s okay to like whatever you like.

The little girl in the book is in grade 1, which is a good reading level for this book–the paragraphs are very short, and some of the vocabulary is better for a middle reader, but it mentions several books for a lower reading level that the child reader of this book might have read and be able to recognize.

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