Today I Read…Reawakened


Today I read Once Upon a Time: Reawakened, the novelization of the first season of the television show Once Upon a Time, written by Odette Beane.

When Emma Swan woke up on her twenty-eighth birthday, she expected to spend it the way she spent every other day–alone and working. But after she wishes on a candle, Henry, the son she gave up for adoption ten years ago, knocks on her door asking for a lift back home. To Storybrooke, Maine. Where he says that his adoptive mother, the mayor, is really the Evil Queen from a fairy tale land, and that everyone who lives there is a fairy tale character who has lost their memory due to the Evil Queen’s curse, and that Emma is the destined saviour of the town. Okay. Well, she’ll give Henry that lift home and maybe talk to his mother about his fantasies.

Except there is something a little evil about Mayor Regina Mills–maybe Emma should stick around to make sure that Henry is okay? And Mary Margaret Blanchard seems very familiar–Henry claims it’s because she is really Snow White, and Emma’s mother. And strange things do keep happening in Storybrooke–could Henry be right?
I love the show Once Upon a Time. A friend loaned me season one on DVD last summer and I marathoned through it in less than a week. I’ve always been fond of rewritten fairy tales, and OUAT does it beautifully, really fleshing out the simple characters we’re all familiar with. Also, visually the show is stunning, both the sets (with a lot of CGI help) and the costuming.

That said, the novelization just isn’t the same as watching the season. It doesn’t go all that much in depth with the characters’ thoughts and feelings, which is the main advantage a book has over a television show. It uses the dialogue and scenes from the show, but doesn’t really expand on them, and it glosses over details that are in the show. It has to–it’s hard to fit 22 hours into one book, without making the book as large as your average Diana Gabaldon novel, but OUAT is so beautifully detailed that the novelization feels like a pale copy. Not that it’s bad–I still enjoyed reading it, and reminding myself of what a beautiful world it’s created, and of course it’s easier to find the time and space to read as opposed to plunking myself in front of the television for 22 hours, but I think I’m going to have to pick the DVD season over the novelization of the season.

What I would be very interested in would be original novels set in the OUAT universe– I always enjoy media tie-ins, and OUAT has so many characters and so much history to choose from that books could be incredible. I’m already looking forwards to the expansion of the universe with the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which I saw a preview of at Fan Expo last weekend.

So, Reawakened is good for the collector fan who likes to collect everything they possibly can about their fandom, but for the casual fan I’d recommend picking up the DVDs instead. And I can’t wait for season 3 to start!

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