Reblog: Cards Against Librarianship

So Emily Lloyd, a friend of a friend came up with this, and now I want a set. It’s a librarianship-themed deck of Cards Against Humanity.

For those who don’t know, first, find a set. Cards Against Humanity is a card game where a question is asked from a black card and then people have to select their favourite white answer card from their hand, and the judge determines which is the best answer. Since the subtitle of the game is “a party game for horrible people”, this should give you an idea of what the potential answers are like. It’s hilarious, and best played with a large amount of alcohol and a jumbo box of Kleenex, since the tears of laughter can make it hard to read your cards. It’s easy to make your own deck, since the game designers intend for people to create their own- each official deck comes with a few blank cards so you can make your own questions and answers, and on their website they actually have a pdf of the blank cards so you can make your own deck, available under Creative Commons license. I’ve played a science-fiction themed deck before at Polar Chill and I know that Justin made a Doctor Who-themed deck for Reversed Polarity though I was too busy to make it down for the tournament.

So basically, there needs to be a set of this at every library school for students to play during exam time. And it’s better if it’s located at the campus bar.

CAL card


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