Today I Read…Dinosaur School: Big and Small

Dinosaur SchoolToday I read Dinosaur School: Big and Small by Joyce Jeffries. This is one of the books I got at the OLA Super Conference this year, as part of a door prize bag from CrossCan.

Do you know what opposites are? That’s when things are very different from each other, but still a little the same. Big and Small are opposites. Let’s learn about things that are Big and Small in the dinosaur school!


This book is pretty cute. Most kids (myself included) go through a dinosaur phase, because as everyone knows dinosaurs are cool. It’s a short read–only 24 pages, with the last page being a chart of all of the opposites. The layout is very nicely done, clean and simple. Each pair of pages contains one set of opposites, with the big one on the left and the small one on the right. The sentences are simple and repetitive and written in a large, easy to read font. “The lion is big.” “The kitten is small.” Each page has a picture with a dinosaur interacting with the item listed, for example a dinosaur standing beside a lion, and a dinosaur waving at a kitten. The illustrations are brightly coloured and simple with lots of whitespace, and can be used to help prompt the child with what the words say. The page numbers are also fairly large and can be used to help practice numbers as well as reading the sentences. All in all, this book is cute, nicely designed, and easily accessible to beginning readers. I’ll have to try reading it to Tiny Niece and see what she thinks (probably that the pages taste good).

According to the back cover, this is a part of a series about opposites, including Heavy and Light, Hot and Cold, Long and Short, Near and Far, and Which is Different?

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