Wines and Lines

The Beauty of Humanity MovementSo last Thursday I attended Wines and Lines, the inaugural literary event put on by the Rotary Club of Oakville. The event featured a roundtable discussion by three Canadian authors: Terry Fallis, author of Up and Down, Cathy Marie Buchanan, author of The The Painted GirlsPainted Girls, and Camilla Gibb, the author of The Beauty of Humanity Movement,as well as a light dinner, wine tasting, and a silent art auction. The proceeds were to benefit White Oaks Secondary School. As a part of the ticket, each attendee got to select one of the three aforementioned books to take home.

I really enjoyed this event, and I hope they do as planned and run it again next year. The buffet-style dinner was fairly plain (cut-up sandwiches and cheese and fruit platters), but it was plentiful and it worked with the crowd, especially since there was nothing to get cold. Dessert included these little cream puff swans which were lovely and delicious. The silent art auction was small but interesting, but since it was on the other side of the wine tasting table I think the line-up blocked the view of the art for anyone who wasn’t there promptly at 6.

The roundtable discussion, led by Oakville Town Councillor Pam Damoff, was interesting, and all of the authors were lively speakers. The only problem was that there badly needed to be a tea and coffee service during the roundtable, which didn’t end until 9:30–the caffeine would have been very welcome while I was trying to listen.

IMG-20140424-00694(From left, Cathy Buchanan, Terry Fallis, Camilla Gibb, and Pam Damoff. Sorry about the photo quality, Blackberry makes a terrible camera.)

I selected Up and Down for my book, and I got Terry Fallis to sign it afterwards. I look Up and Downforward to reading and reviewing it here— I read the first chapter that he has up on his website, and it’s very funny.

Wines and Lines was a wonderful event, fun, interesting, and well-run, and I hope to attend it for many years in the future–just with more tea, because I wasn’t kidding about the caffeine after a long day at work.


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