Today I Read…Cinderella: Fables Are Forever

Fables Are ForeverToday I read Cinderella: Fables Are Forever, part of the Fables created by Bill Willingham. It was written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Shawn McManus.

The lovely princess Cinderella, socialite and proprietor of a shoe store in Fabletown, has a secret that the other Fables don’t know–she is actually a high-ranking spy, sent out by Sheriff Bigby Wolf on missions to protect the Fables from dangers they will hopefully never find out about. And Cinderella is very, very good at her job.

But someone from Cinderella’s past has returned to threaten everything she holds dear–the mysterious and deadly assassin codenamed Silver Slipper. And she will stop at nothing to destroy Cinderella. They will chase each other around the world and beyond to decide once and for all– will Cinderella lose her life along with her shoes at midnight? Or will Silver Slipper be blown away for the last time?


I’ve talked a bit about the world of Fables in my review of Cubs in Toyland. Fables Are Forever is a complete story set in the Fables world but away from the main storyline, and most of the other Fables never know what Cinderella is up to. This is an action-packed James Bond-style story–I wonder if Bond will ever show up as a modern Fable? There are newer Fables that didn’t come from the Homeworlds… While the bikini-clad fight scene between Cinderella and Silver Slipper does set a lot of the tone for the rest of the story (bikinis and towels and sheets and tight low-cut shirts, oh my!), I suppose it does fit in the with mature nature of the Fables universe.

Fables focuses on the main characters and their adventures, the ones who came to the Mundy world from the Homeworlds to settle in Fabletown and on the Farm. It’s always interesting to see what happens to those Fables who don’t stay at home, the ones who never joined Fabletown. Silver Slipper’s story isn’t complicated–the small-town girl who gets a taste for blood, and decides to become a mercenary for pleasure and profit–but it’s a fascinating contrast to Cinderella the self-proclaimed patriot. What exactly is the difference between the two women? What makes Cinderella a patriot and not a mercenary who only works for one boss? They spy, they lie, they kill. Where’s the line? The carte blanche that Bigby gives her?

Still, if you’re looking for kick-ass babes and action around the world, this is the place to find it. Tomorrow may never die, but Fables are Forever.

Cinderella pow


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