Today I Read…The Silenced Tale

Today I read The Silenced Tale by J.M. Frey, book 3 of The Accidental Turn trilogy. They have survived two adventures, and finally Lucy and Forsyth Turn Piper can settle down in the Overrealm and raise their daughter Alis. Life is … Continue reading

Today I read…Arrivals

Today I read Arrivals, An Accidental Turn novella by J.M Frey.  The quest is over. The Reader has been returned to her home, the villain is defeated, and the hero has found his One True Love. And now the hero rides … Continue reading

The Silenced Tale Cover Reveal

I have previously reviewed The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale from J.M. Frey’s Accidental Turn trilogy. I am excited to say that it’s almost time for the conclusion, The Silenced Tale to be released on December 12, 2017. The … Continue reading

Today I Read..The Forgotten Tale

Today I read The Forgotten Tale by J.M. Frey, book 2 of the Accidental Turn trilogy. After leaving behind the land of Hain, Forsyth Turn and Lucy Piper have returned to her world to settle down and live more-or-less happily ever … Continue reading

Today I Read…Ghosts

Today I read Ghosts, An Accidental Turn novella by J.M. Frey. The great hero Kintyre Turn and his companion Bevel Dom have just finished another adventure, when they are summoned back to Turn Hall by Kintyre’s younger brother, the Lordling Forsyth Turn. He … Continue reading

Today I read…The Untold Tale

Today I read The Untold Tale, the first book in the upcoming Accidental Turn trilogy by J.M. Frey. Forsyth Turn knew exactly who he wasn’t. He wasn’t the hero. He wasn’t big or brave or strong. He wasn’t bluff and … Continue reading

Today I Read…The Dark Lord & The Seamstress

Today I read The Dark Lord & The Seamstress written by J.M. Frey and illustrated by Jennifer Vendrig. This is the product of the successful Kickstarter that I wrote about back in September. Once upon a time there was a seamstress … Continue reading

Dark Lord and the Seamstress Kickstarter

So my friend J.M. Frey, the author ofTriptych and Hero is a Four Letter Word, has written a picture book, called The Dark Lord and the Seamstress, with art by Jennifer Vendrig. It’s a staff pick on Kickstarter, and there’s … Continue reading

Today I Read…The Shakespeare Notebooks

Today I read Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks by James Goss, Jonathan Morris, Julian Richards, Justin Richards, William Shakespeare, and Matthew Sweet. William Shakespeare–without question one of Earth’s greatest writers of all time. His works and life have been scrutinized … Continue reading

Master Review List

This page is the master list of all of my book reviews, listed alphabetically by title. Series will be indicated by brackets where appropriate. After the Night by Linda Howard Agatha H and the Airship City (Girl Genius #1) by Phil … Continue reading