More paper bag puppets, and other crafts!

So I recently led a couple of craft panels at Polar Chill 2, the follow-up to last year’s highly successful Polar Chill relaxacon. One was a make your own craft panel, where I gave people a bunch of craft supplies and told them to come up with something–we ended up making the bow ties, sonic screwdrivers, and perception filter keys from Reversed Polarity, though one girl made a very creative Elsa from Frozen–her hair was braided pipe cleaners, her head was a styrofoam ball, and her body was popsicle sticks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that.


Seb made an amazing bow tie out of pipe cleaners, beads and felt.


After that came another paper bag puppet panel. Unlike Reversed Polarity where we were focused on Doctor Who, in honour of the 50th anniversary, we all made whatever character we felt like, and there was some amazing creativity.

Sarah and Liam made Garak from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and the Hulk from the Marvel universe.

IMG-20140705-00794Another Sarah made Dominar Rygel XVI of Hyneria from Farscape and Captain America from the Marvel-verse.

IMG-20140705-00793One girl made a Dalek.

Casey and Dalek

And me? I made the Paper Bag Avengers. May I introduce PaperEye, Paper Widow, Agent Paper, Thaper, Papulk, Paper Man, and Captain Paper.







Sarah (who made Hulk) also ran a really popular magnet-making panel, that I will definitely have to keep in mind for future cons. We cut up old magazines and program books from former conventions to make the magnets, but we also drew our own. Seb made this one:

IMG-20140705-00790It was inspired by Dalek-Girl above who asked him why he was French. According to an 8 year old, “because my parents are from Quebec” is not a good enough reason for him to be French. Ah, the unending “Why?”s of the young…

Sorry I’ve been busy, I’ve been playing with Daleks

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been super busy with Reversed Polarity happening this past weekend, as the Head of the Games and Events department and a member of the Programming team. It was a great convention, and I was very pleased with how popular my craft panels were since it was a bit of a new idea for us to do. I had several parents come up to me and say how happy they were that we had some children-specific programming for the weekend. This video was one of the funniest things I saw all weekend, and I was so proud it happened during my panel Game Station Satellite Five (you can hear my voice laughing in the background as his mom films it).

We also played Dalek Simon Says, led by Dalek Simon of the Doctor Who Society of Canada who are a terrific bunch of people and we couldn’t have run such a successful and fun convention without them.

And yes, Dalek Simon is wearing a bow-tie, courtesy of his tag partner. He says he felt very ashamed to wear it. And where did the bow-tie come from? It came from what happens when you try to get a three-year-old to play Pin the Bowtie on the Doctor.

Oh well, he had fun and that was the most important part. (And also thanks to Tina Olah for the wonderful picture of the Doctor she drew for my game).

Crafts including making Paper Bag puppets of the Doctor and his companions, making a perception filter key, a felt bowtie, a sonic screwdriver from beads, psychic paper, cubecraft TARDISes, and colouring pages.

Games included Come As You Aren’t, where you had to stay in character for the hour (River Song really enjoys being a psychopath, I’m a little afraid of her now). (Even though I might have been shooting people in the persona of the Anne-Droid.)

(Aka what happens when you forget you’re leading a cosplay panel and need a costume the day before  the event.)

For the eighth year running, the TCON Promotional Society was pleased to host the Geek-Offs, a sci-fi trivia championship game that I have been honoured and aggravated to be a part of since the beginning. This year the Daleks asked very nicely if they could be the hosts (well, actually they threatened to exterminate everyone if they couldn’t do it, but for Daleks that is nicely) of the Geek-Off: The Extra Special Extermination Edition.

That’s Dalek Simon again in front of me- the picture is too tight to see Dalek Dreadnaught and Dalek Auric on either side of him. And yes, they did exterminate all of the contestants, the audience, and me at the end of it.

I also ran WhoClue, where people have to find pictures of characters and weapons hidden around the convention in order to discover the murder victim and the murder weapon which are not hidden, and Spot the Silence, where players locate pictures of the Silence hidden around the convention and decipher the secret message.

So, a year’s work for 80+ people is finally over. Time to take a break before planning for Polar Chill 2 next July! See you round the cons, fellow nerdlings!