Customer service in the library

Customer Service in the Library

This is a paper I wrote on customer service in the library, particularly in regards to the reference interview. I’ve always thought that it’s the wrong name for the same skills–we aren’t charging people for the services they receive in the library, so some people object to the name because it puts it on that footing, but we still have to deal with people and give them what they ask for. Or maybe I just spent too long in retail.

Developing a new library collection

Collection Development plan: Winter Sports

This is a fictional new collection I developed on the subject of Winter Sports (yes, the topics were assigned). My given budget was $1200 CDN, and it was supposed to be for a public library. We had to describe the library and the community, and plan a brand new subject-specific collection for their needs, choosing suitable and available items, sticking to the given budget, selecting the various desired media, planning for future weeding, developing the collections policy, etc.

I never thought it would be so hard to spend money on books!

Graphic Novels and Manga for Young Adults

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a comic book! – powerpoint

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!: Report on graphic novels and manga for young adults – essay

This is a presentation I gave on graphic novels and manga for young adults, and some of the issues and challenges that face any library that offers them as a part of the collection. The first link is to my powerpoint presentation, and the second link is to the accompanying essay.

Roald Dahl display

Dahl Display

This is a display showcasing the work of Roald Dahl that I made for class. I’ll confess, I chose the topic just so I could include the quote from “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”. One of my favourite versions of the story.