Today I Read…Sailor Moon 11 & 12

Sailor Moon 11Today I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 11 & 12 by Naoko Takeuchi.

Volume 11 begins the Stars arc, where at first it seems like evil has been defeated and the Sailor Guardians can at last begin to enjoy their lives on Earth, such as going to see the concert for the hot new idols, the Three Lights. Except when Usagi goes to see Mamoru off to school in America, the wicked Shadow Galaxia steals him away and blocks Usagi’s memories. Fortunately, it seems that the Three Lights are actually the Sailor Starlights, who serve Princess Kakyu of the Tamkei Kingdom on Planet Kinmoku. And while Chibiusa has returned to her home in the future, the mysterious Chibichibi has come to take her place in the Tsukino home and as a Sailor Guardian. Now the Sailor Guardians of the Solar System must join forces with Sailor Chibichibi, Princess Kakyu and the Sailor Starlights to defeat Shadow Galaxia and save the entire Milky Way galaxy from darkness and destruction.

Sailor Moon 12Volume 12 completes the story of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, with the final battle for the universe taking place between Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia, as the representatives of Order and Chaos, in the Sagittarius Zero-Star, the birthplace of heavenly bodies and of the star seeds that create the Sailor Guardians. With all of her friends lost, Sailor Moon must sacrifice everything except hope to save her loved ones and the entire Milky Way.


In these last two volumes we venture beyond the Solar System and learn that there are Sailor Guardians everywhere, and that the Sailor Guardians we know are only a small drop in a very large sisterhood, although even among many Sailor Moon stands out as a Guardian of great power. Eternal Sailor Moon will one day become Sailor Cosmos, who balances the entire universe. The Sailor Guardians return even from death, since their love and friendship is stronger than anything. The final book ends with the wedding of Usagi and Mamoru, and the knowledge that their daughter will be born soon, and they can finally begin to recreate the Moon Kingdom of the Silver Millennium.

It’s been nice finally being able to read the whole story through in the original version for myself. I’d only seen the English dubbed anime before, and the storyline is similar but there are differing details (for example, making Sailors Uranus and Neptune ‘cousins’, the usual American excuse when they don’t want to include a gay relationship (also see Achilles and Patroclus in Troy and Alexander and Hephaestion in Alexander)). Also, the Starsarc was never included in the English anime, so I’d never seen it before. I’ve had friends who liked anime, so I’ve seen images of some of the characters such as Chibiusa as the Dark Lady, but I didn’t know what happened. And the very worst thing you can do to a reader is not tell them the whole story.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a wonderful story filled with that dreaded phrase, strong female characters. All of them have their own strengths and their own flaws, and their own dreams. What binds them together is their love and loyalty to one another and to Usagi, their Princess Serenity, a love that even defies death. Mamoru as Usagi’s love interest never tries to stop her from fighting, only promises to fight with her at her side. In fact, he needs rescuing much more often that Usagi does, without merely becoming a dude in distress.

I’m sure that there are some details in the story that I missed, even with the help of the translation notes, due to my unfamiliarity with Japanese culture. I got used to turning the pages backwards, but I still sometimes have trouble reading the speech bubbles in order. However, the art is lovely, even though it is mostly printed in black and white, though there are a few of the coloured prints that I wouldn’t mind having blown up and framed. All in all, a great story with great art and characters. Now when are the volumes of Sailor Moon short stories due out again?…

Today I Read…Sailor Moon 10

Today I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 10 by Naoko Takeuchi.Sailor Moon 10

Sailors Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto return to fight the Dead Moon Circus and wicked Queen Nehelenia and rescue their fellow Sailor Guardians, while Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are deathly ill. Helios breaks free of his cage to help save them and brings them back to Elysion of the Golden Kingdom, the ancestral home of Mamoru. The Sailor Guardians remember how they swore their loyalty to the newborn Neo Princess Serenity as her guardian deities,  and met the uninvited guest Nehelenia of the darkness. They remember how to unite their Sailor Power Guardians with their selves as the Solar System Sailor Princesses and give that power to Sailor Moon to funnel through the Holy Grail and become Eternal Sailor Moon. They defeat Nehelenia, Sailor Chibi-Moon saves Helios, and the Amazon Quartet is revealed to be Sailor Guardians of the solar system planetoids, cursed by Nehelenia to serve her instead of Sailor Chibi-Moon.


This volume is nonstop action from start to finish. The only character development is when all of the Sailor Guardians begin to remember their past lives in the Silver Millennium Kingdom, when they swore to protect the baby Princess Serenity. The revelation that the Amazon Quartet are actually sleeping, cursed Sailor Guardians of the Planetoids brings up the idea that there are many more Sailor Guardians than just the ones that we are the most familiar with–an idea that will be explored further in the next volume (coming when I get caught up on my reviews). You can also tell that this was originally written in the 1990s, since Pluto is still a full Planetary Sailor Guardian and not a Planetoid Sailor Guardian, even though she is often solitary as the guardian of the doorway through time.

We see a tiny bit more of Mamoru’s kingdom and past life, and learn that he and Serenity were never meant to be together, but their love was too strong to keep them apart. We get hints of Chibi-Usa’s future as the queen of the moon after Serenity–she will have her own Sailor Guardians in the former Amazon quartet, and will she have her own beloved prince in the form of Helios, priest of Elysion? She was able to wake him from his cursed slumber, and she was the one that he kept seeking out.

This volume has many action sequences needed to save everyone from the various dangers, but it also reinforces the idea that true love is stronger than any evil, and all you have to do is be brave, strong and faithful to triumph over anything.

Today I Read…Sailor Moon 9

Sailor Moon 9Today I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 9 by Naoko Takeuchi.

In this volume, Usagi and Chibi-Usa switch sizes, the Dead Moon Circus tries to steal the Sailor Guardians’ dreams, Chibi-Usa fears that she will never be a great guardian like her mother, and Mamoru tries to hide his illness from Usagi. Helios the pegasus is revealed to be the priest of Elysion, the heart of the Earth, cursed and imprisoned by the  Dead Moon Kingdom. Hotaru reawakens as Sailor Saturn, and leads Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto back to the service of their princess.


I’m still enjoying the reissue of the Sailor Moon manga. I’m almost used to reading the book backwards, though I still have some difficulty figuring out which panel to read in which order. Reading from top right corner to bottom left is hard when you grew up reading the opposite way.

It’s interesting seeing what the Sailor Guardians dream of, and the insecurities about those dreams that they have to overcome. The insecurities are perfectly normal and reasonable, even though they are forced  on the Guardians by the Dead Moon Circus, and it takes them real strength of will and not magical powers to overcome them (though the magical powers never hurt). In the same way, Chibi-Usa is the only daughter of a beautiful, beloved, powerful ruler, and she is afraid that she will never live up to her mother’s deeds. Helios reminds her that she is loved for herself, and that she is still very young and has time to grow and become a powerful guardian in her own right. Sometimes you need a friend to pull you out of your own head.

Today I Read…Sailor Moon 7

Today I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 7 by Naoko Takeuchi.

In this volume, the Sailor Guardians finally meet Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon uses the power of the Holy Grail to combine the hearts of all of the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask and uses that power to become Super Sailor Moon. The Sailor Guardians find out that Chibi-Usa’s friend Hotaru has been taken over by evil to become Mistress 9, and that she is the legendary Sailor Saturn, who must never be awakened lest she herald the end of the world.

I’m really enjoying the reissue of the Sailor Moon manga. I watched the English cartoon in the 90s, but I never read the original manga until now. Since I don’t read much manga, I appreciate the translation notes that they put in the back of the book, although I wish there were a few more of them. The manga is pretty different that the English version of the cartoon. Then again, I have a couple of DVDs of Sailor Moon S and it’s pretty funny if you put on the English voices with the English subtitles–they used different translations, so you end up watching two different stories at once with the same art.

Sometimes it’s just really nice to know that no matter how bad the evil gets, and no matter how scared you get, love and friendship will always triumph. (Even though the feminist comic fan in me wonders how the hell they would actually fight in those outfits in Real Life.)

Graphic Novels and Manga for Young Adults

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane!: Report on graphic novels and manga for young adults – essay

This is a presentation I gave on graphic novels and manga for young adults, and some of the issues and challenges that face any library that offers them as a part of the collection. The first link is to my powerpoint presentation, and the second link is to the accompanying essay.