Today I Read…Is It Canon?

Image result for is it canon book cover peter chiykowskiToday I read Is It Canon? A Rock, Paper, Cynic Collection by Peter Chiykowski and Aaron Lenk.

A follow-up to The H.M.S. Bad IdeaIs It Canon? has yet more nerdy-pop culture jokes, this time with more Deadpool, because everything need more Deadpool. Because Deadpool.


I always enjoy Peter’s work, so I was happy to pick up his newest volume (ok, this was a while ago, I did mention that I’m behind on my reviews right?). Honestly, my review for the first book still applies to this new collection. It makes you smile. There’s something here for every type of nerd, so check out the webcomic and lose a few hours clicking on random comics. Which I definitely didn’t do while writing this…

Also, Deadpool!
In this comic, Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, looks clickbait straight in the eye by dressing up in every Disney Princess costume

Today I Read…The H.M.S. Bad Idea

Today I read The H.M.S. Bad Idea: an Anti-Self-Help Comic Collection by Peter Chiykowski.

HMS Bad IdeaHave you ever had a bad idea? How about an entire book filled with bad ideas? It’s quite a challenge, but Rock, Paper, Cynic artist Peter Chiykowski is up to it, with a little help from some friends (ok, 40+ guest artists, I’ll assume they’re friends if they appeared in his book. That’s safe, right? I mean, if you’re making a book, do you ask your mortal enemies to draw in it? Is that a thing? That doesn’t seem like a thing. I mean, a self-help book would probably say rely on your friends to help you, so would an anti-self-help book say rely on your enemies? Or is it the self part that’s important, as in help yourself, so is an anti-self-help book about letting other people help you? Now I’m confused. I better go eat bacon, because bacon. Read the book to find out why eating bacon is a special occasion).

From #725 “reply to that poor Nigerian prince who’s down on his luck” to #1191 “open the eldritch book with the cover made of human skin” to #1355 “use non-genetically mutated turtles to battle your local crime syndicate,” this book is the perfect guide for anyone’s life–just don’t do anything on the list. Especially, one suspects, #2010–give alcohol to cartoonists.

Also featuring the best of five years of Rock, Paper, Cynic, this is a great book for anyone who likes geeky humour, sardonic philosophy, and turtles. Because turtles are awesome.


RPC D&DI’ve known Peter casually for a few years now–he attends a lot of local sci-fi conventions selling his comics, and you get to know some of the regulars on the circuit. I usually try to stop by his table and see what’s new. I like his style–it’s brightly coloured and pithy and entertaining. I have a couple of his prints, but I like so much of his work that I was really happy when I saw that he had collected some of his favourites into a book. I dare anyone to read it and not smile.

teddy bears are better than most peopleRPC Fairy Tale

Actually, that’s the best praise I can give the book. It makes you smile.

RPC Happy

Also, I really want a secret bookcase-tunnel reading lair.

RPC Ebooks

Today I Read… Hijinks Ensue

Today I Read Hijinks Ensue, Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard Volume 1 and My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple Volume 2, written and drawn by Joel Watson.

Hijinks Ensue is a webcomic strip, which can be found online at In Joel Watson’s words, it is about Geeking for the Sake of Geekery. It features cartoon versions of Joel and his friends Eli and Josh going about their nerdy, nerdy lives, as well as a cast of recurring characters such as Boxcar Pete the stabby hobo, Josh’s girlfriend Denise, and the Evil Fox Executive (I knew this had to be an official position!). Since there is no real arc or storyline to tie the strips together, the best that I can describe the volumes is to say that if it’s nerdy, it’s probably mentioned. The two volumes collect the first two years of the comic strips, and include brief comments and asides for each strip, as well as bits and pieces of concept art, old drawings, and basically anything he thought might be interesting. Anyone who hasn’t lived under a pop-culture rock for the last few years will understand at least some of the jokes, , and the nerdier you are, the more jokes you will get.

I got a lot of them.

I met Joel at FanExpo 2012 (and thanks to Sheena for telling me he was there) (and yes Sheena, you totally are a creepy stalker fangirl). I’ve read and loved his comic before, but only sporadically, so it was nice to buy the trade paperbacks of the comics to read all at once (so I’m a Luddite, I like paper, sue me).

Plus, paper means I got my own sketch in the front cover! The Doctor’s statement refers to my thanking Joel for contributing to my fun-things-to-do-to-avoid-homework pile. Though really, I do think reading should be homework for librarians, amiright?

I also thanked Joel for the donations of signed comic strips that he has sent every year to Toronto’s Can’t Stop the Serenity charity auction. Thanks again Joel, much appreciated!