Today I Read…Comics!

I’m in a bit of a hurry to pack, so I’m just going to list the graphic novels I read recently so I can put them in boxes.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon vol. 8 by Naoko Takeuchi

  • The Sailor Scouts continue their battle against the dark planet and Master Pharaoh 90, and discover the Holy Grail and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Chibi-Usa tries to go home, and the Dead Moon Circus is introduced.

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror: Fun-Filled  Frightfest created by Matt Groening.

  • Tales of terror featuring the denizens of Springfield.

Green Lantern: Brother’s Keeper written by Judd Winick

  • The Green Lantern Kyle Rayner fights against the villain Brainwave, who is driving the citizens of New York crazy, takes his girlfriend to his high school reunion, and watches helplessly over his friend Terry in the hospital after Terry is the victim of a severe gaybashing attack.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Sins Remembered written by Sara Barnes

  • Peter Parker travels to Paris to help Sarah and Gabriel, the superhuman children of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn the Green Goblin, and upsets his wife MJ

Emma Frost: Bloom written by Karl Bollers

  • Emma uses her telepathic powers to cheat her way through university, until she meets Astrid Bloom, a fellow telepath who uses her own abilities to control everyone in Emma’s life

Formerly Known as the Justice League written by Keith Giffen and JM Dematteis

  • Maxwell Lord recruits heroes for his new Superbuddies group, meant to be more accessible to the people, with full merchandizing rights of course. Too bad Roulette captures them all with the plan of making them fight to the death in The House, a casino and area for criminals. And then Manga Khan, Supreme Commander of the Cluster and President Emeritus of the Manga Khan School of Melodrama, comes looking for his robot L-Ron