Today I Read…Doctor Who

Today I read Doctor Who: Series 2, Volume 1: The Ripper. This is a graphic novel trade paperback consisting of the stories “Spam Filtered” and “Ripper’s Curse”, both written by Tony Lee, art by Andrew Currie, Richard Piers Rayner, Horacio Domingues, and Tim Hamilton.

In “Spam Filtered” Amy and Rory learn why they shouldn’t check their email on the TARDIS. In “Ripper’s Curse” the Doctor and his companions travel to 1888 London and find that the infamous murderer┬áJack the Ripper may come from out of town…really far out of town.

While 11 isn’t my favourite Doctor (ah 10, how I miss you!), and I can’t wait for Amy to leave at the end of the upcoming season (Rory can stay though), I really enjoyed “Spam Filtered.” All of Amy and Rory’s spam emails come to life and start chasing them around the TARDIS and a planet inhabited by hard light holograms. This story will be funny to anyone who’s ever received spam email. And someone FINALLY found a use for that bloody annoying stapler help thing from MS Word! Which may well be the most impressive part of the story…

“Ripper’s Curse” felt more like an episode, since it was 3 chapters long instead of 1 like “Spam Filtered,” which was more of a running joke. Amy wants to save the Ripper’s victims while the Doctor wants to keep the timeline undisturbed by making sure he kills the same women, but then the Doctor wants to catch him and return him to his home planet. The usual pop culture alias, arguments about the integrity of the timeline, running from danger, and having to rescue Amy after she gets captured by the insane alien serial killer.